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However, one mission is secret, because it. However, gta online casino missions even with some good stories and interesting missions, fans still want some form of single-player DLC since relying on the internet for gaming can be troublesome, due to how unstable certain connections can be Read More:GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Rumour Suggests Announcement Coming Next Week GTA Online: Can Casino Missions be Done Solo? The update is already available to download and gives players the chance to play games. The Diamond Hotel and Casino's location has been under construction since the beginning of GTAO's existence, but ever since the doors finally opened last. GTA Online has clearly chosen the "something weird" approach. Speaking of the casino, the GTA 5 podium car this week is the Annis RE-7B if you fancy trying your luck. Many fans were hoping that GTA Online would. GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort Mission #6 "Cashing Out" walkthrough \ guide played in hard difficultyGTA Online Casino Missions Playlist: https://bi. The focus on this week’s GTA Online update was clear just from the tweet below that Rockstar Games shared right on schedule on Thursday.

After what seems like an eternal wait, the Diamond Casino Resort has finally arrived in GTA V’s GTA Online. If you want diamonds, you’ll want to pay the casino a. You need to knock out some hillbillies and return the stolen car to the Casino It's been a little while since Grand Theft Auto: Online's Diamond Hotel and Casino opened to the public, and players are now coming forward with stories about a secret, unlisted mission that can trigger after getting drunk in the casino. Red Dead Redemption 2 also had a liquor-focused mission, though that one was part of the main story and not exactly a secret There have been many new missions added to GTA Online with the Diamond Casino and Resort DLC, including a load of smaller casino missions to earn money. Stunt races are also paying out double the rewards if you fancy taking a break from robbing.Grand Theft Auto Online Get Rewarded for Casino Story Missions in gta online casino missions GTA Online This Week Poorna Shankar Updated: Apr 23, 2021 8:51 PM Posted: Apr 23, 2021 10:30 AM. House Keeping is one of the Casino missions in GTA Online.